Best Sites for Gaming News

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Whether you’re a gamer from the Philippines or anywhere else in the world, it’s always good to know that there are websites where you can get your fill of gaming related information. After all, gaming is a billion dollar industry so it wouldn’t be surprising if there were sites (or people) that were dedicated to covering it. Like everything else that you find on the internet though, it’s important to be discerning of the kind of sites you visit to get your daily fix for gaming news.

Below are some examples of sites that you definitely have to check out if you’re a Filipino gamer.



Otaku, when loosely translated from Japanese means geek. Basically these are people who obsessively follow games or anime. Initially it was used as a derogatory term for people who were passionate about games and anime in Japan. Stories like Densha Otoko (Train Man) gradually changed Japanese society’s outlook on these people.

Kotaku is a site that caters to otakus from outside of Japan. The site is updated almost on a daily basis and it features news and opinions about all things gaming (either from Japan or anywhere else in the world). The site also has a lively and informed community of gamers which is a plus if you want to interact with people who have similar tastes in gaming.

Unlike other gaming news sites, Kotaku’s editors usually participate in the discussions that center around the news or articles that they feature in. Also a good site to check for awesome gaming deals from Amazon and other online vendors.



Like Kotaku, Joystiq features minimalist web design and more importantly, 24/7 coverage of gaming news. Unlike Kotaku, it eschews the features on Japanese or Asian cultural quirks and goes straight to the games.

One of the features of Joystiq that its readership like is the unobtrusive ad placements. Of course, ads are a website’s lifeblood and these are what helps the writers and site administrators come up with content for their readers and community. Although Joystiq has ads, these aren’t as annoying as the ones from other sites on this list.



Although technically not a gaming news site but an online community (read: forum) where gamers, game journos, and individuals from gaming companies (publishers and developers) come together to discuss anything and everything that relates to games. Actually, the site is one of the best venues for discussion about various issues, rumors, and  reactions about popular (and not-so popular) videogames.

You won’t be able to register using free email accounts (e.g. Google and Yahoo) though so you could say that it’s not for everyone. In a way, this does help keep spam and fake user accounts at a minimum. Also, if you’re looking for videogame reviews you might want to check out the other sites on this list. NeoGAF’s community is more or less of similar to Kotaku’s in terms of their helpfulness and activity.



Gamespot has been providing gaming news and reviews for close to two decades now. Although you might not agree with some of their reviews (i mean who doesn’t have dissenting opinions nowadays?), you will at least get an idea about the game through the comments.

Compared to Kotaku and NeoGAF, Gamespot’s focus is more on the games and not the community of people who play them. You’ll also find a spammer here and there posting spammy stuff on their forums. It’s definitely a drawback but at least they are more or less on point with some of their videogame news and reviews.

Are There Any Other Sites Worth Checking Out?

Don’t limit your selections to just the sites mentioned above though. There are a handful of other sites like PC Gamer, Giant Bomb, and IGN which might offer the same or even better games coverage. The important thing is to have an informed choice about games and to be able to meet people who have the same interests in games as you do. The sites that we did mention though are great starting points for any gamer, Filipino or otherwise.


Top Image: Gamezone


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