Best Sites For Great Gaming Deals

Filipinos are fond of playing the latest videogames yet they’re none too fond of paying premium for these. Generally AAA titles like Activision’s CoD or EA’s Battlefield would cater for around $59.99 which when converted to the local currency would be about Php 2639.99 (if the exchange rate were $1=Php44). That’s a pretty steep price to pay for a game.

As mentioned in our previous post about the state of gaming in the Philippines, a lot of Filipino gamers would usually resort to buying pirated games because of the near prohibitive costs. Not a lot of them know that there is a way to get fairly new games (for PC) at 75% to 90% off the listed price and today we’ll be listing how they (as well as other gamers the world over) can get these.

Steam Sales


Steam is undoubtedly the best platform for distributing games nowadays. It has a really active community and user base and the number of games that it has in its library number by thousands. Additionally, there are seasonal and weekly sales and deals where a majority of their games get steep price discounts.

Steam is a great platform for games. Period. Whether you bought the game from the other services on this list, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to activate it on Steam (if it’s using Steamworks DRM).


You’ll need to register an account to get started with Steam. You can pay for the games either through your credit card or through Paypal. There are also retailers who sell Steam Wallets from $10 to $60.  However you need to remember that these will cost more because they charge for overhead as well. So instead of paying Php 440.00 for a $10 Steam Wallet, expect to pay around Php 495-500.

The Humble Bundle

Humble Weekly Bundle

There are numerous sites that offer game bundles but the Humble Bundle is undoubtedly the most popular right now. The premise is that you pay what you want for the games in a bundle. The proceeds of your purchase would then be divvied up between a charity, the featured developer of the games, and the site. It’s also possible to determine how much of your purchase goes to each one of them.

Just recently, they also opened the Humble Store. Games that you might not be able to get from bundles are featured here albeit at full or discounted prices.


Like Steam, registration for the Humble Bundle is for free. You can pay through your Paypal, Google Wallet, as well as with your debit/credit card.

Green Man Gaming


Green Man Gaming is a great alternative to Steam. It’s not all the time that you see games on Steam being half or 75% off. In these instances it’s best that you check out if they’re on GMG. There are even times that GMG will give you a better price for the same game that’s also on sale on Steam or other sites.


Again, you’ll need to have a Paypal account or debit/credit cards to be able to purchase from this site. Registration is also for free.

Good Old Games (GOG)


If you’re fond of playing classic PC games then GOG is where you’ll find a ton of them. For those who are interested in newer titles they also have a wide selection of games that you can choose from. Honestly, the selection of games are geared towards the classics so if you want to pre-order Watch Dogs then you’re better off doing so on Steam and GMG.

It’s also important to note that since most of the games are quite hold, there might be issues with them running on today’s advanced hardware. If you’re technically inclined you might want to tinker around with your settings for a while or if not, then you could always file a support ticket to the site.


Same as with GMG and the Humble Bundle.

Is There Any Deal?


This site actually doesn’t sell or distribute games but you will find that it’s very useful in linking you to the sites that do. It lists the current price of a game and which site would give you the best deal for it. It’s great for monitoring the price of the games that are on your wishlist.


Speaking of wishlists, another neat feature of this site is the fact that it allows you to link your Steam wishlist. The site is also completely free.

Honorable Mentions

Origin was supposedly EA’s answer to Valve’s Steam but the games that they offer are terribly overpriced. One good thing going for them though is that they give members a free game every month. You read that right! However these games are available for download for a limited time only. Other than this though there isn’t much going on for Origin as of the moment.

Gamers Gate is really similar to Green Man Gaming. The site also has a huge selection of games to choose from but unfortunately not all of the games can be activated on Steam (e.g. games that are only using GFWL as their DRM). In any way, you can still link these kinds of games to your Steam library although they won’t be able to use all of the platform’s myriad of features.

Now that you know about the best sites to get games cheap, the next step is to setup your Paypal account (if you’re a Filipino). We’ll discuss this further in another post.


If you feel that there are other sites that offer better prices, please feel free to hit the comments section and share what you know with us.


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