Would You Want To Catch These Pokemon?

Pokemon are cute, and in the words of a wise man from the Orient “Cute is Justice”! However, have you ever wondered how Pokemon would look like in real life? Over at DeviantArt.com, artist Gavin Mackey (SoupAndButter) re-imagines a number of Pokemon in a realistic (and nightmare inducing?) style. Don’t get me wrong, his re-imaginings are still cute (in their own, weird way) but if I were a Pokemon trainer and I encountered one in some forest or grassy plain I’d probably get my bike and ride it back to the nearest town!








If you like the artist’s work head on over to his Deviant Art page. Additionally, if you know of somebody who has great portfolio of video game concept art (or someone who has worked on games as a concept artist), please feel free to hit the comments section with a link to their work.



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