World Warrior Diaries #1: Evil Ryu Is A Beast!

With Ultra Street Fighter IV coming to Steam this August, I thought of dedicating myself to really mastering a couple of combos for either Ryu or Evil Ryu. Sadly, I’m still stuck with a gamepad  and keyboard as well as a POS internet connection. I could probably hit Training Mode but then again, there’s really no substitute for playing against human opponents. I’ve already spent 40 hours on the game, with a majority of this time either playing Arcade Mode or in Training Mode.


Speaking of opponents, it seems that there aren’t too many people here in the Philippines who play SSFIV:AE online on Steam. I played a couple of matches earlier with some guy from Thailand and another one from either Singapore or Canada (really couldn’t remember) and I’ll have you know, I won two of them! Then again, a lot of the other matches either got disconnected or the guy I was playing with got fed up and just left the session. Some friends have told me it might be either an issue with Steam or the crappy internet. I’m more inclined to believe that the latter has more to do with it though.

After a couple of seconds the guy left the session. Sheesh!

Just when I won a round the guy then left the session. Sheesh!

Also realized something as I was playing both Ryu and Evil Ryu. The latter really has great damage and comeback ability. He’s kind of like a faster and more powerful Ryu that’s also really fun and flexible to play. His fireball game is in my opinion still inferior to both Ryu and Akuma’s but can still be viable for zoning against other characters. And although an improvement from Akuma’s, his health can still be an issue when you go up against players who really know their stuff (unlike me hahaha). The great thing about him though is that once he connects on his combos, he’s really hard to stop. He also builds up meter really fast, which further gives the player lots of options to counter different situations.

Daigo Umehara is currently at the top of the Japanese arcade BP rankings with E.Ryu as his main character. This means that if you’re playing this game online, you’ll probably see lots of people main-ing or using this character as well.

I sure hope though that by the time USFIV gets released this August, Steam would be able to fix the disconnection issues with online netplay (at least here in the Philippines). If you guys are playing the game on Steam, add me up! ID is CreepTastic.


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